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We can process workpieces made from all kinds of materials and alloys – in a productive, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way. We are known around the world as a specialist in surface processing. We change, improve and anneal your products to give you long-lasting quality. Over the years, mass finishing has developed into a broad range of processing types.

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Deburring –

For removing sharp edges

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Rounding edges –

For improved fit precision

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Smoothing surfaces –

For a range of uses

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Ball polishing –

For attractive, brilliant surfaces

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Degreasing –

In a single work step with workpiece processing

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Cleaning –

Get better results with trowalizing

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Polishing surfaces –

For a brilliant finish

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Pickling, descaling, derusting –

Gentle chemicals give your workpieces the perfect look

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Blasting technology –

Precisely targeted surface processing

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Coating –

Raise the quality of your products

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